My Life on Lupus: When Winter Comes…

Today I felt less foggy than usual. The sun was shining. That always helps, plus the knowledge that we’ve gotten over the holidays and (more importantly) the Winter Solstice. The season is on the upswing. The days are getting longer. Warm weather is just around the bend.

Today I saw four or five fat robins flitting around our backyard. They kept leaping up and pecking some invisible seed or bud off the naked┬ábranches of an unruly bush. My mother always thinks the first sighting of a robin is the first sign of spring. I don’t know that the robins ever leave us now, what with global warming and all. Last week when it snowed, I saw a little group–probably the same birds–across the street in a neighbor’s yard. They were scratching at the frozen ground, looking dazed.

The world feels a little happier now that the robins are leaping for their meals.