Miss Fickle Shout-out, Lupus Style!

One more note for today: my post on me shredding myself with too much beach-going found its way into the leisure section of Life With Lupus, an online newsletter packed with info on lupus and related chronic illnesses.  Thanks to Miss Anne-Marie for passing along my meandering thoughts to the outside world!!!

The First Ever Miss Fickle Shoutout!!!

EEEEEEEE!!!  So excited!  So stoked!  Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!!!

Okay, just breathe…

<fixes hair>


Hey, fickle readers!  We’ve just received our first official thank-you post!  Molly Sutton Kiefer, poet, essayist and editor of Tinderbox Poetry Journal, included this very website in her post about the journal’s launch.  In fact, she writes up a substantial summary about about the Good Writing Break review, and then ends with, “Thank you, Miss Fickle Reader.”

To that I say: you’re absolutely welcome!  It was my pleasure to discover Tinderbox in the first place.  I’m an extremely finicky poetry reader, and sometimes I get a wee bit cynical and feel like I’ve seen it all. Tinderbox showed me that as far as contemporary poetry goes, I’ve barely gone a mile in the universe that’s out there.  Thank you for that, and thank you for your beautiful publication!

I should say, too, that Kiefer’s blog “maps and poetry” is a treasure trove of literary goodies that’s well worth exploring.  I’ve been getting the basic lay of the land so far, but now I’ve got my hiking boots on and I’m ready to go…