How Not to Submit Your Writing: Beatles Edition

Had to share this wonderful and absolutely accurate tweet, created by Jennie Goloboy and riffed on by Lars Doucet. Writers, take note:

Of course, for the sake of editorial nitpickery and Beatle fanatacism, I have to say that the author of this query letter ought to be J.P. McCartney. But in my own mind, I fan-wank this oversight by noting that, as the letter’s author seems terribly insecure, it’s possible that he signed his literary friend’s name to try to increase his chances of getting his query looked at. (John did write a couple of books, after all.)

Shakespeare Is Everywhere: Editorial Haiku Edition

Figures that Big Bill would infiltrate a poetry contest for editors:

Let us not

to the marriage of two clauses

admit a comma splice.

–Adriana Cloud, Winner of the American Copy Editors

Society Grammar Day Tweeted Haiku Contest

“Fie on you all! You editor folk alter wherever you alteration find!”

Shakespeare Is Everywhere: Twitter Fun Edition (with Associate Editor of Abyss & Apex Tonya Liburd!)

Because asses and Shakespeare go together like destruction and ruin!

Mine own arse chafes with eons of insolent scribblers!