Miss Fickle Reader vacillates between being a crazy old coot and a bitter old hag. She’s been writing forever and has published and taught here and there. One day, in a fit of youthful optimism, she decided to get a PhD. That academic lost weekend lasted 12 years and resulted in no doctoral degree. She now has a ridiculously broad acquaintance with the English Renaissance, Roman drama, bizarre eighteenth-century Shakespeare fan fic, and even more bizarre Shakespeare fan crit, and has nowhere else to vent her demons but onto the Internet, where all disregarded thoughts escape to.

Mighty Tiny Bill, an action figure version of the Bard, was purchased as a gift during Miss Fickle’s licentious grad school years. Later, he revealed himself to be a vessel for the Shakespearean Spirit of Obnoxious Self-Aggrandizement and has been a pain in the ass ever since. He spends his time on a shelf in Miss Fickle’s den, alternately proclaiming his own cultural ascendancy and scheming how to escape his original packaging.

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