Wherein Miss Fickle’s Domain Gets Even More Backwater

Hey there, Fickle Readers! We’ve been having an especially exciting time here at the Fickle-Spacetime household. As you can see, our kitchen has decided to take itself apart. It’s needed an upgrade since we moved in 15 years ago, but the fact that it’s baring all of its brokenness at once has been dramatic to say the least. Also, the upstairs toilet tank started leaking (an unrelated problem, thankfully) and my computer broke.

The good news is: I discovered I can write posts from my phone! This is a great development, as my current phone is new & spiffy & is already connected to a camera. So I can post a pic from our trip to Puerto Rico like this:

So here’s to renewals, even if they’re painful while you’re going through them. Here’s to discovering new resources you didn’t know you had. And here’s to half a kitchen, because at least one half works.


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