Meditation in Blue

This is what I want my life to be, always and forever. Thirty seconds of blue water on a continuous loop. And look at that little hint of sunset (or sunrise?) in the sky. So gorgeous.

I tell you, I could get sucked in really easily by all those twisting waves. I might even try looking at the ocean instead of surfing the Internets so much. Far less toxic to the psyche.

Aw, who am I kidding?

Enjoy this respite from the raging chaos you’ll inevitably get sucked back into.


Many thanks to Jeanne Obbard for the beautiful video and to Jeane Thompson for providing the scenic venue. Jeanne O. is also a fantastic poet. You can check out her Facebook page here and her blog here.



The Good Guy with a Gun Myth, Debunked

Hey, Fickle Readers! I don’t normally like posting a lot of video clips. There are plenty of web sites that used to be actual news outlets until at some point they decided it was much easier to slap together a bunch of clips of Stephen Colbert and Larry Wilmore. (I’m looking at you, Salon.) But this segment of the Daily Show is really worth watching. In it, Jordan Klepper shows how completely impossible it is for the casual, well-intentioned gun owner to stop an active shooter.

While you’re watching this, remember: video clips and arguments may not change minds, but the goal of representative democracy is only to change POLICY. Get lawmakers to do what you want, and if they ignore you, send their asses home.

In Excellent Company: I Get Published in matchbook

Hey, Fickle Readers! Just thought I’d share with you that one of my pieces is featured this week on matchbook, a lovely flash fiction journal that posts one story at a time along with authors’ notes about how that story came to be.

I’m particularly honored by this publication because I’m in such amazing company. The wonderfully talented and remarkable Annabel Banks and Megan Giddings both have stories in matchbook. There are many other beautiful pieces in the archives, so if you haven’t already I personally invite you to go there and explore. It’s a marvelous venue for very short fiction.

Fickle as Charcoal

I don’t know, Hypothetical Corinthian Woman Who Drew a Portrait of Her Lover and Thus Invented Art. I kinda like the impermanent feel of charcoal…

Jan Blencowe, “Landscape with Castle”

Pencils are all very well, but our Corinthian artist would probably have rejected graphite. She was, we can assume, not out for profit but for permanence, and she was most likely looking for a nice stable ink instead of a fickle charcoal or an erasable pencil. Ink would be far more symbolic of the longevity of her love and, of course, would also be particularly useful for writing letters to her sailor on his foreign travels.

–Victoria Finlay, Color: A Natural History of the Palette