Fickle as a Simile

From A Dictionary of Similes, compiled by Frank J. Wilstach, 1916. Not sure if my favorite is one by Scott or Holmes. (Okay, the Beaumont and Fletcher is good, too.)

Fickle as friends.


Fickle as the lightning.


Fickle as the weather.


Fickle as love.

–Honore de Balzac

Fickle as the flying air.

–Beaumont and Fletcher

Fickle…as the winds.

–Aphra Behn

Fickle as a feather.

–Alexander Brome

Fickle as the sea.

–William Cullen Bryant

Fickle and bright as a fairy throng.

–Eliza Cook

Fickle as the sky.

–James Graeme

Fickle as a female in hysterics.

 –Oliver Wendell Holmes

Fickle as the flood.

–William King

Fickle as the breezes blow.

–Joseph B. Ladd

Fickle as a changeful dream.

–Walter Scott

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