Two More Calls for Submissions Ending Soon (As in, Now!)

Boy, you just can’t stop the Twitter juggernaut! Calls for submissions seem to be all over my feed this week. Here are two that have deadlines right around the corner:

Phoebe is a lovely literary journal that publishes poetry, fiction, and nonfiction and specifically seeks to support “up-and-coming writers.” They will be open to submissions of up to 3-5 poems and prose (that is, fiction and nonfiction) of up to 4000 words until October 15th. (See their specific guidelines and online submission link here.)

Also, The Rumpus is open to short pieces for its regular feature “Readers Report.” The theme for this go-round is “Haunted,” and the deadline to send your own twist on the concept of haunting is October 2nd (as in this Thursday).

Normally, I would recommend against responding to last-minute calls for work. In my experience, you’re better off sending something at the beginning of the reading period, when your work will stand out and not be swallowed in the final flood of manuscripts that a publication gets. However, since neither of these venues has fees attached, and since submissions for “Readers Report” are seasonal anyway, you might as well get your manuscript mojo on and start sending stuff out. (Fall is always a good season for submitting, as many literary journals are associated with universities and tend to follow the academic calendar.)

Good luck and happy submitting!


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