Call for Submissions: RATTLE Magazine [UPDATED]

Hey, Fickle Readers! I’ve been stricken with yet another mystery ailment, requiring me to lie down at regular intervals. (Cue the Annoyed, Self-Pitying Violin Music. If there is such a thing.) BUT I wanted to pass along some submission news about RATTLE, an excellent poetry journal that seeks out accessible work over more scholarly or obscure pieces.

The 2015 issue of RATTLE is going to be devoted to Japanese forms, such as haiku, senryu, tanka, renga, and haibun. These forms can follow traditional rules (syllable counts and so forth) or be, as the guidelines page calls them, “adapted.” You can submit up to four pages of poetry (!) by October 15th for consideration. Here’s what Timothy Green, the intrepid and outspoken editor of RATTLE, has to say (via Twitter) about reading for the spring issue:

Haiku submissions are the hardest to read. But I have plenty of aspirin, so keep them coming until October 15th!

(At least, I think Timothy Green is the voice of the RATTLE Twitter feed. If not, you should follow it anyway. RATTLE posts lots of great poetry and links on a regular basis, and whoever does the tweeting is often tremendously entertaining.)

Okay, off to lie around in an achy haze. Remember the ides of October, all you Fickle Readers out there who also write haiku! I’m definitely going to submit. (And anxiously await my rejection!)

UPDATE: We have confirmation that the Voice of the RATTLE Twitter feed is indeed Timothy Green, Intrepid Editor of the magazine. Follow him and the exploits of RATTLE at @RATTLEmag on Twitter!


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