Shameless Plug for a Favorite Band!

Hey, Fickle Readers! Those of you who may have caught my recent post on Wonder Woman, take note: the Doubleclicks, who wrote the amazing song “Wonder,” are going on tour and coming to a venue near you! Here’s their official tour schedule:

Tour Schedule for the Doubleclicks. Yes, that is a cello case Cartoon Aubrey has beside her!

And for anyone who needs any more proof of this duo’s awesomeness, here’s a sampling of songs from their YouTubeChannel:

“Thank God It’s Over!” (About graduating from college/grad school/what have you. To which professional academics say: hah! It’s never over!! Yaaaaaaargh!!!!!! [Followed by maniacal giggling])

Their cover of “Free Bird,” which is a work of art. Listen for accompaniment on the Meow Keys!

And, ooh, ooh! This amazing cello cover of the Doctor Who theme. Cellos are cool!


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