Shakespeare Writing Contest!

I’m not a big fan of contests, but this one is priced right and mixes the two things I blather on about ad nauseum! Oh yeah, baby! I’m so there!!!

From The Bard Brawl:

Take the following quote and give us your best poem, story, non-fiction essay or artwork inspired by it.

Make it brilliant, make it bardy, make it brawly.

KING LEAR: Make no noise, draw the curtains. So, so; we’ll go to supper i’ th’ morning.

FOOL: And I’ll go to bed at noon.

The fee for this contest is $5, and submissions are due by October 25th. (More submission info at the link.) A winner and two runners-up will win moola plus publication in Bard Brawl.

As I never win contests, and am sure not to win this one if I manage to enter, I’ll write a follow-up post on where you might like to submit non-winning entries. Because that’s the fun of rejection and losing in the writing world: you always get to send your work off somewhere else!

Also, Mighty Tiny Bill says he’s going to etch the word “bardy” into the plastic of his Original Packaging.


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