Shakespeare Is Everywhere: Quiz Edition

From a rather young age, I’ve been completely obsessed with personality quizzes. Now Playbuzz and other outfits feature about fifty online quizzes a day, and I often get sucked into every single one I bump into. Particularly the writerly quizzes. Just now I took “Which Famous Author Should’ve Written a Book about Your Life?” Guess who I got? (And I swear I did not know this particular writer was on the test. At best, I was hoping for Jane Austen.)


Ah… the soul of a true artist. No man could have brought the trials and tribulations of your superbly cultured journey to paper better than the Bard himself, William Shakespeare – and in iambic pentameter to boot! Flowing, ever changing, and full of creativity, your life is performance art. You thrive on creation, whether it be through music, visual art, or performing – and chances are you’re a writer yourself. If you are, consider this the highest of praise! Not that any artist’s ego needs fuel, or anything…


Mighty Tiny Bill is snoring away on my bookshelf at the moment. I think I won’t wake him up. Plenty of time to rub this one in his face later…


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