Calming the Fickle Fish of the Mind

Heat up the sun energy of the right nostril, and cool

down the moon energy of the left nostril; practicing this

breath-control, bring them into perfect balance.

In this way, the fickle fish of the mind will be held

steady; the swan-soul shall not fly away, and the body-

wall will not crumble.

Shri Guru Granth Sahib

4 responses to “Calming the Fickle Fish of the Mind

  1. I love the image of “the fickle fish of the mind.” Must admit that the fickleness of my own mind-fish seems to know no limits… Not what the sun/moon/nostril stuff is telling me but, hey, that’s cool 🙂

    • Yeah, I have to say, my mind-fish is more fickle than ever these days. The alternate nostril-breathing stuff is a meditation technique practiced by many traditions, including western Yoga outfits. You can Google “alternate nostril breathing” and find a bazillion articles about it; most people close one nostril as they breathe in and close the other as they breathe out, but you can also concentrate on air going in Nostril 1 and going out Nostril 2. This helps you not feel like you’re lacking air. (And I do speak from experience…)

      • Wow people can actually direct their breathing through the particular nostril they choose? Impressive. They must have their fickle fish well and truly under control…

      • Well…for me at least, I just focus on air going in and out of one nostril and breathe through both. That’s my cheat. Others pinch one nostril shut. If there are those that can open and shut one nostril w/o their fingers, I’d be exceedingly impressed!

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