Love, Fickleness, and Lord Byron

Thou art not false, but thou art fickle,
To those thyself so fondly sought;
The tears that thou hast forced to trickle
Are doubly bitter from that thought:
‘Tis this which breaks the heart thou grievest,
Too well thou lov’st—too soon thou leavest.

–Byron, “A Song,” From Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage


5 responses to “Love, Fickleness, and Lord Byron

  1. Of course, the note in the commentary makes no mention of any young men Byron might also have been bedding. To borrow a phrase I seem to remember Michael Stipe using once, he was very much “an equal opportunities lech.”

    • Yup. Although, as a teacher of mine once pointed out, he was also a very careful lech: only fathered a couple of kids and got no STDs. (On the other hand, historical record can always be flawed…)

      • Well, early 19th century paternity testing was sadly lacking – pretty much down to who the expectant mother was able to hold onto, I expect. And Byron would’ve been a tricky guy to chase after as he went hopping around continental Europe…
        Certainly lucky on the STD front, though 🙂

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