Wherein Miss Fickle Reader Realizes (Once Again) That She Is a Moron

Hey, Fickle Readers,

You know how I’m constantly saying I don’t know how to handle all this plum tricky Interweb social media stuff?  Well, apparently, I not only don’t know how to use the “media” part of today’s social media, I can’t handle the “social” part, either.  In that I have some 56 awesome followers on WordPress, and somehow I missed that you’re supposed to, you know, get in touch and say hi and thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to read your blog.

Oy, what a dingbat I am.

Anyway, so sorry to all for being tight-lipped.  Really, I am immensely grateful for every eyeball that skims over these pages, and I will rectify my anti-sociality to my fine fellow WordPress bloggers as soon as possible.

Cheers and mea culpa once more,

Miss Fickle


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