Back for More: LA Times Opinion Section Seeks Out Poetry Again

Last year, the L.A. Times solicited “opinion poetry” for a one-shot, one-page feature in their Opinion section.  To the surprise of no one who knows the poetry industry, the naive L.A. Times Opinionistas were inundated with over 5,000 individual poems, sent by 1500 writers.  (It seems the editors never considered that poets would have more than one thing to say, so their previous call for submission in 2013 set no limits on how much work you could send.  All you Fickle Poets out there: feel free to laugh at their innocent folly.)

Luckily for us poetic types, the folks at the LA Times have repressed what it feels like to directly experience the raw, boundless desire of poets seeking publication.  (I imagine it’s like staring at the sun, or opening up the Heart of the TARDIS and gazing into the time vortex.)  The editors are calling for another round of poetry based on opinions about “politics, culture, international relations, you name it”  But the editors do seem to have learned their lesson, in that they are limiting all submissions to one poem per author.  You can read about all the other guidelines here.  The deadline for submissions is August 11.

Once again, they’re only devoting a single page to poetry, which will be published on a single day (August 31).  Maybe if we make enough noise, the LA Times will start publishing poems more often.  The Poetry Publishing Demons need to be fed, you know…


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