Good Writing Break: One Sentence Poems!

Hey, Fickle Readers All!  I just discovered a lovely journal and an excellent market to boot: one sentence poems.  The concept is a simple one: all poems must begin with a capital letter, end with a period (no sticking together multiple sentences with a semi-colon!), and contain at least one line break.  The sentence in the poem must be grammatically correct (there’s a handy sentence diagram on the home page in case you need a reminder), and the author’s bio should also be written in the form of a single sentence.  One poem is published about every other day.  Have a look at the archives from July and June to see the amazing scope of this journal.  My standouts so far: Erica Sternin’s “Before Cancer” and “Stage III,” Bradley K. Meyer’s “Nautical Scene,” Michael K. Gause’s “Afterglow,” B.T. Joy’s “4:45 am,” and Uma Gowrishankar’s “The Tree.”  All of these pieces are wonderful little bursts of imagery and language, like palate cleansers for the daily info blitz, spare and understated yet open to visionary depths.  (I hope that makes sense.  Sometimes I get a wee bit abstract when I try to describe the experience of reading.)  Limiting yourself to one sentence is a good exercise for poets of all stripes to try, too.  I may just do it myself.

Bottom line: one sentence poems is a wonderful place to enjoy poetry, and proof that less is often more.  Sometimes a lot more.


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