Good Writing Break: This Time, Poetry!

Okay, so very few are checking out my continuing series about the writings of a mass shooter.  I get that.  It’s the weekend, the weather’s beautiful, Twitter tells me it’s National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, Tracy Morgan was in a horrible car accident (heal up soon, Brian Fellows).  No one but me wants to think about the word usage of a spoiled rich asshole killer.  I wish I didn’t, but my writing brain is nothing if not tenacious, especially when I Find Something Out.  Sort of like Velma from Scooby Doo.

But we all need a break from the bullshit, and since I’m sick in bed and would rather not deal with understanding the thought processes of murderers through literary analysis (so THAT’s what English degrees are good for!), I thought I would pass along some pieces that give you hope for humanity without saccharine sentiment or overused universalisms.  Let me tell ya, that’s really, really hard to do.

Both of these poems are by Kelli Russell Agodon:

“Self Portrait with Reader”

“Shadow Boxing Andy Warhol”

This is the kind of poetry I wish I could write.  Best envy, Kelli!  And thank you for the beautiful, expectation-busting work!


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