A Much-Needed Good Writing Break

You know what’s a great way to cleanse your psyche after close-reading a rampage killer’s words?  A Good Writing break!

This is an older piece from Roxane Gay, first published in Brevity.  (I know, I know.  I link to Brevity a lot.  I swear I’m not on their payroll, though.  They’re just damn good.)

“There Are Distances Between Us”

I know I say “words fail me” a lot, but here, the words have left the building.  So much complexity in such a tiny space.  I’m guessing this is an essay you can read over and over and each time get something new out of it.  This is what literature strives to be.

Thanks, Roxane.

P.S.  Gay’s essay is also a story about roads.  Right now, Sundog Lit is looking for submissions for a themed issue on roads.  Deadline July 1.  Read an interview with guest editor Jill Talbot here.


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