Many Thanks!

Thanks so much to all of you who enjoyed last week’s post (at least I think it was last week; oy, my brain…) on Writer’s Envy. The post went almost semi-viral, which was very exciting for a narcissistic stats-watcher like me! I actually had a Twitter presence because of your interest, and I am humbled by that, especially since I barely know how Twitter works.

Also proud and happy to send a bit of traffic over to a fantastic journal like Passages North. Keep reading–they are brilliant.

And to Curtis VanDonkelaar: would you happen to have any extra talent lying around? Because if you could send some my way via the Internets, along with an app or something that would plug that amazing stuff directly into my brain, that would be great. Thanks.

In case you missed it:

Passages North

“Another Acceptance,” by Curtis Van Donkelaar


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